Gratitude and natural beauty

April 15th, 2014

Gratitude. It’s one of those words that gets thrown around more than a baseball on the first nice day of spring.  But why?

It’s actually an extremely powerful tool that can be used to improve your relationships, your luck, and your mind.

When you use gratitude to improve your mind, your teaching your brain to find things that are wonderful and celebrate them.  You actually program your subconscious mind to find more good, instead of focusing on the stress of the day or what you want to change.

One of the easiest ways to learn this, especially now when everything outside is beginning to bloom, is to go out in nature.

Kick start your gratitude with nature

Take a walk around your neighborhood and take in the sights.  Turn on your awareness to the beauty all around you.  Notice the birds singing, the flowers popping up, the squirrels running around, the children playing.

Let the beauty of this world hit you, and celebrate it.  Breathe it in.  It’s awesome.

Plus, check out these nature-inspired Whimsy beads:

Nature inspired Whimsy glimmer beads

With these beads, you can take a little bit of nature with you.

You can remind yourself to keep that awed feeling and keep looking for the beauty in the world around you.

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Start with the (Wo)man in the Mirror

April 8th, 2014

Spring is finally here!


If you’re one of those people who have been waiting for what feels like forever for spring to get here, breathe a sigh of relief.  It’s here!

That being said, it doesn’t always feel like spring every day.  What can you do though, right?


You can always do something to change your world.  Okay, so you won’t change the weather itself.  But when you start with you, you can change your world.

One thing I love to do on rainy, cold, or gloomy days is to dress a little brighter.  Bring color to your day with your own wardrobe and accessories.  You’ll bring life to whatever room you’re in and you’ll have a boost of cheer all day long.

One of my favorite Whimsy glimmer beads. Botanical-inspired, pretty pastel, and perfect for spring!

Try these decidedly springy options:

  • Color – Go with brights or pastels, or try mixing bright color with pastel.  I love wearing a scarf or jewelry with a pop of great spring color.
  • Print – Try some print on for size.  For spring, I especially love floral prints, leaf prints, and other nature-inspired looks.
  • Texture – Pair something light and airy, perhaps even sheer, with your thicker, warmer items.  If it’s a cold day, you can pair a light silk scarf with your woolies.  It helps keep you warm and also brings the spirit of spring to your look.

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Tell Style on a Whim: What do you love to wear for spring?

Why I Love Whimsy jewelry

March 27th, 2014

I was recently asked to partner with Whimsy Jewelry and write for Style on a Whim.  As a charisma blogger, looks are not the only thing that’s important to me.  I’m interested not only in form, but also in function.  For me to love a piece of jewelry, it’s got to be innovative, customizable, and high-quality as well as beautiful.

1-2-3 WHIMSY Rings

  1. Form – Whimsy jewelry is hand-crafted with care and precision.  Its soft, clean lines allow it to be worn in everyday or more formal situations.  There are several unique end cap designs, from simple and sleek to more ornate.
  2. Innovation – Whimsy was created for a reason: a new way to use those beads you’ve collected.  Don’t let those beautiful beads sit in a drawer, just because beaded bracelets aren’t so hot anymore.  This is not just another fad – this is classic, lasting style that you can wear for years to come.
  3. Quality – Whimsy is made with only high-quality materials and processes.  Each piece is hand-crafted by an expert jeweler using reclaimed sterling silver and 14-karat gold and gem-quality diamond accents.
  4. Uniqueness – Who doesn’t want to be noticed for being special?  Whimsy jewelry is decidedly unique.  When you wear Whimsy jewelry, not only will you stand out from the crowd because of the pieces themselves, you’ll also surprise your friends when you arrive wearing a different set of beads.
  5. Customizability – In order to wear a piece of jewelry every day, it must either be neutral (which can get a bit boring) or customizable.  Because Whimsy jewelry fits any standard-sized beads, you can use it to create countless different looks, from casual and colorful everyday looks to sophisticated and glamorous styles.  Use your favorite Murano glass beads or Whimsy’s glimmer beads.  Mix and match different styles or showcase your most striking.  It’s all up to you!

Whimsy is high-quality jewelry that will last.  It’s truly high-value jewelry that can be worn in countless ways, for everyday wear to special occasions.

Show the world you care about yourself and what you’re doing.  Take pride in your presentation, and add a touch of sparkle with Whimsy.

Style on a Whim wants to know:

What is your favorite piece of jewelry?  Why do you love it?


Style on a Whim welcomes CarolAnn

March 24th, 2014

We here at Style on a Whim would like to welcome our brand new contributor, confidence and style blogger, CarolAnn Edie.

As well as being infatuated with all things style, CarolAnn is passionate about confidence and empowerment.  She has blogged about all things beauty, style, and charisma for several years, and is the founder of the website  Through this website, CarolAnn seeks to provide practical solutions to boost women’s confidence every day.

Here at Whimsy, we strive to make the world a more beautiful place, inside and out.  We’re pleased and excited to partner with CarolAnn because of her practical and fun approach to style, as well as her commitment to helping women recognize their true worth and potential.

Please join us in welcoming CarolAnn to Style on a Whim!

Sizzling Summer Neutrals

July 26th, 2012

WHIMSY Glimmer Neutrals - Buttercream, Champagne, and Peach Keen (from left to right)

As we round the final bend of the summer, channel the vibe of the beautiful sandy beaches through your WHIMSY jewelry.  We love pairing all three neutral shades side by side on a necklace or bracelet.  The various hues compliment each other and create a decadent look!  Even if you’re stuck in the office, you can still be reminded of the summer’s beauty!

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Happy Fourth of July!!

July 3rd, 2012

NEW WHIMSY 3 Bead Necklace complete with lobster claw clasp! Remove 2 sections to create a single Bead Necklace! Seen here with WHIMSY Stiletto, Ice, and Liz Glimmer Beads!

We’re feeling very patriotic here at WHIMSY with the Fourth of July just around the corner!  This year, try showing your American pride  through your WHIMSY jewelry.  With various styles utilizing red,  white, and/or blue WHIMSY offers many options to add a little sparkle to your holiday.  Don’t let the fireworks be the only things to shine this Fourth of July!!


Announcing Miss Delaware 2012… Alyssa Murray!!

June 18th, 2012

This Saturday we had the joy of attending the Miss Delaware Pageant at the Dover Downs Casino.  All of the contestants were absolutely stunning and talented!  As a longtime sponsor of the pageant, leading WHIMSY designer, Craig Whitten, and wife, Cindy, were there to congratulate the newly crowned Miss Delaware 2012, Alyssa Murray.  Alyssa loved the  beautiful sterling silver Sophia WHIMSY ring displaying the beautiful Pink Parfait glimmer bead – the ring sparkled almost as much as she did! Everyone here at WHIMSY congratulates all of the Miss Delaware 2012 contestants. We’re just glad that we didn’t have to make the tough decision of choosing the winner! Best of luck to Alyssa as she embarks on her journey as Miss Delaware and hopefully Miss America! Fingers crossed!!

Go Nude… Pumps!

June 13th, 2012

It’s no breaking news that the nude pump continues to grace the feet of countless celebrities.  As mentioned in our previous post, “The New Nude Pump,” we’re in love with this trend and cannot get enough!  Nude heels are classy and versatile as a neutral color.  They’re applicable to any season and are a great alternative to the classic black heel.  Plus, nude heels easily lengthen the appearance of your legs making them look a mile long! Perfect!

Still in love with these Stella McCartney shoes from our last post!

Fun play on the classic pump with cutouts!

Nude heels offer the perfect addition to any outfit.  Pair them with patterns or bold colors to accentuate those choices rather than try to compete with them!

Blake Lively knows how to work this trend pairing them with an adorable blue romper

Kim Kardashian sports a fiesty red dress. Look at those legs!

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Bold Colors are POPPING into Style!

June 11th, 2012

Here at Whimsy HQ, we’re loving all the bold colors popping into style this season!  Vibrant hues are a way to brighten up any outfit for the workplace or an evening out on the town!  For a summertime look, try working these bold colors into some light, effortless pieces.  This turquoise lace dress from H&M is a great example and a deal at only $29.95!  We think our Whimsy Sassy glimmer bead would add the perfect pop of pink to this turquoise look!

For our more daring fashionistas, try dressing in a bright hue of your choice from head-to-toe.  Another powerful option is to delve into the color blocking trend by pairing two coordinating bold colors together like in this Ferragamo look seen in Vogue:

For our more reserved fashionistas, these bold colors can be easily worked into any wardrobe by spicing up a more neutral look with a vibrant accessory, like these great orange pumps from Steve Madden or this great pink handbag from Michael Kors.  Our Whimsy collection allows any fashionista to add various pops of color to her wardrobe by easily switching out any bead for the perfect accent to any outfit!


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The CheapChica’s Guide to Style

March 19th, 2012

We here at WHIMSY HQ think our ‘Pink Parfait’ Swarovski Glimmer bead would be the cherry on top of  CheapChica’s  kicky pink peplum look below!!

The CheapChica’s Guide to Style

Posted: 18 Mar 2012 10:16 PM PDT

Peplum. Defined as a short ruffled at the waistline of a jacket, blouse, dress or skirt.

It is always fun to have a garment that has something special, making it stand out from the crowd, and that is exactly what peplums do, like this bold red peplum skirt from for $42.99. Match this colorful garment with a solid form fitting T-shirt throw on a boyfriend blazer and finish with some chunky gold bangles for a look that’s retro-chic!-e-p-l-u-m. Peplum. Yes, those ruffles do have a proper name, and peplums happen to be springing up all over the fashion scene (no pun intended).

True, peplums have some nasty rumors being spread about them, like they have the tendency to accentuate certain lady lumps in a not-so-chic fashion. But it is all about finding the right style that works for your body shape.

When worn properly, peplums actually hug a woman’s curves, creating a beautiful silhouette… This throwback to the 40’s is also great if you are looking to add a little shape to your bod, or want a fabulous way to show off that curvy figure. The key here is balance…if you’re going peplum on top, go fitted on the bottom and vice versa.

If you’re still a little skeptical, why not test-drive a subtle peplum top, like this one from New York & Co. for under $30… you can pair it with something as simple as skinny jeans and colorful heels or this top even looks great with a classic pencil skirt; a totally wow-worthy outfit for the office!

Remember the more color the better this spring, so make your peplum look pop!

Read more from Kate on her blog,!

-Lilliana Vazquez
Lilliana is a nationally known style expert and television host.  You’ve seen her work on NBC, ABC, The Style Network, and We TV.  She is also the editor of The CheapChica’s Guide to Style, the go-to destination for fashionistas on a budget, and a contributor to Philadelphia Magazine.
(all photos courtesy of Lilliana and The CheapChica’s Guide to Style)