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I’m completely obsessed with Sex & the City. So when Susan brought in Sex & the City: Kiss & Tell, a book totally dedicated to the show, its cast, crew, director, writers and FASHION, I may have actually screamed in delight.      

Samantha, Miranda, Carrie and Charlotte

Samantha, Miranda, Carrie and Charlotte

Like most women I know, I’m quite jealous of their clothing, most notably Carrie’s. As Kiss & Tell discusses in depth, the fashion in SATC has influenced main stream fashion and has resulted in a ripple effect. After seeing Carrie strutting down the streets of Manhattan in them, more women started wearing aviators, fabric flowers (myself included on both of those), short shorts, nameplate necklaces and, of course, Manolo Blahniks. And, on another note, don’t forget how popular the Cosmopolitan became thanks to those four lovely ladies.

A number of the outfits seen on Carrie and Samantha tend toward outrageous, like Carrie’s pink and purple tie-dyed capris in Season 3 and her many midriff-baring or sheer tops, or Samantha’s bright pink cowgirl outfit complete with bright blue cowgirl hat. But somehow, they always seemed to pull off their crazy styles, and the clothes only looked outrageous out of context. Or, say, on me.


There is actually just one episode that I remember Carrie in (GASP!) flip flops rather than heels (the episode when Aidan proposed), but other than that memorable moment, she’s only ever seen in high high heels or barefoot. (Please correct me if I’m wrong!)


The fabulous foursome during an opening scene in Sex & the City: The Movie

The fabulous foursome during an opening scene in Sex & the City: The Movie

I have no idea how Carrie could possibly afford so many pairs of $400 shoes on a writer’s salary, but that’s the nature of TV — not everything makes sense. And not everything has to, because that didn’t stop millions of women from becoming obsessed with the foursome from NYC and either their relationships or their clothes. Or both!


Even though we’ve been SATC-less for a few years now, women still pull ideas and inspiration from the reruns (and the full collection of episodes on DVD!) because the writers made the show great and the stylists made it amazing. The first Sex & the City movie gave us a much needed dose of Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda, complete with plenty of eye-candy to feed our hunger for SATC fashion.


Now we just have to get them to pump out a second Sex & the City movie!


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